Random Friday Morning Thoughts

1. It would really be great if schools actually communicated up-to-date and useful information on their websites.

2. If you are going to state as a matter of fact that children from low-income and/or single family homes are discipline problems at your child’s school and then profess to love your neighbor… Perhaps you should also work with the community to help those families.

3. Every time I think I know where my issues are (and that I am making progress on them) some wonderful voice speaks up and reveals something new. Usually in a blind spot my privilege creates.

4. The dialogue in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves is almost as bad as Kevin Costner’s “British” accent.

5. My family reminds me more and more of Lilo and Stitch. We are little and in some ways broken, but we are good. Because we live out Lilo’s description of o’hana: nobody is forgotten or left behind.

6. Everyone needs that person who calls them out on their shit in a way that makes them want to be better for all the right reasons.


2 thoughts on “Random Friday Morning Thoughts

    • Having a partner who makes you want to be better and is willing to help you get there? That’s about as good as it gets :o)

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