I’ve created a cookie, erm, monster?

Back when the teen was in preschool and kindergarten, one of our favorite weekend or evening activities was making cookies.  Sugar cookies, especially.   Probably because rolling them out and cutting shapes was an awful lot like playdough time, but with the bonus of eating the bits that stick to your hands.  At least I hope that was a bonus…  well, even if he did put the playdough in his mouth, I know the cookie tasted better.  But I digress.

We would roll out the dough and pull out the big bucket of cutters.  We had shapes for every season and holiday, as well as generic things like people, trains, circles and stuff.  We also had some presses- the sort that you cover with colored sugar and press down into a rolled ball of dough.  It would leave a design embossed on the cookie, and colored with sugar (which is actually the baker’s equivalent of glitter).

Between my getting busier and his getting older, cookies time became less frequent.  Mostly when we would be gearing up for Christmas gifts and parties.  And even those became more about my getting them made, since there were always more fun things for the FPK to do.  I missed those times.

Sometime last week, the kid managed to weasel out of all of the after dinner chores.  Since he had also eaten the last of the chocolate in the house, I decided he would have to make some cookies.  We had an easy mix for chocolate – chocolate chip in the pantry, so we pointed to the bowls and other tools he needed and retired to the living room.  Mom and I had to do some coaching along the way, but from opening the mix to shutting down the oven, the kid made the cookies.  And they were pronounced highly edible.

And the kiddo remembered his calling as a baker of delicious cookies.  When I brought home a traditional chocolate chip mix this past weekend, he took on the task of making some as a bon voyage for Yaya’s cruise.  Tonight, when we were figuring out what’s for dinner, he texted his dad. “What was that about,” I asked.

“I told him we needed cookie mix.  He asked what kind, and I said ‘chocolate chip’ of course.”

Of course.   I wonder if he’ll think to bring home some milk to go with.


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