Monday Night Prayer

For the children resting in the comfort of home and family
and those staring into the night seeking someone to protect them
For the students prepping for exams and graduation
and those who have given up on school because life has taught them too much

For the single parents wrestling with love and guilt, letting go and pressing on
in the midst of all the demands life makes on them
For the married couples who live more like room mates than lovers
and the couples who have loved deeper than any marriage has seen

For the forgotten and cast aside, the invisible and expendable
For those whose faces haunt us because of what we’ve done or not done
and those whose lives will hang in the balance, the least of these whose lives are yours

In your mercy, hear my prayer.

For my heart and the extra burdens it carries- the things I pretend I can hide from you
For my mind and the things that pop in it, unbidden
For my soul and the murkiness of relationships untended
For the strength that I squander in pursuits far from your will

In your mercy, hear my prayer.

For the ways that we have scarred this earth and our denial of that truth
For the ways we harm others based on culture or religion or homeland or accent
and the leaders who prefer to distort truth over finding solutions

In your mercy, Lord, hear my prayer

For the dreams and hopes of the innocent
For the joy in the midst of the chaos
For the smallest of victories on the hardest of days
For the constant reminders that you are the Alpha and Omega, the everlasting God

In deepest gratitude, I lift this prayer


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