A few random thoughts about life, God, motorcycles and cookies

After a long weekend of family time and down time, here are a few reflections…in no particular order

1. Riding on a motorcycle with my hubby is actually more fun than driving in a car with him.  Mostly because he is an introvert and thus ends up lost in his thoughts while driving.  As an extrovert, that’s so not fun for me.  When we’re both in a helmet, there’s no choice…  we point, we shout a bit at stops.  And we are physically much closer, which is bonus.  Maybe this is why I’d rather not get a motorcycle endorsement; I get to just hold onto my honey.

2. I hate having a bad back.  I hate even worse when I choose to do the things that irritate the arthritis and tendonitis that sends me to the couch.  Time to start working again on weight loss, core strength and balancing the standing/sitting during work days

3.  I love that the hubby went with me to church this weekend, sat with me and was relaxed through the whole service.  This may be the first time in 7 years that we’ve had that experience…

4. I am not very good at Sabbath, but being down for half the weekend gave me a chance to practice.  And I am thankful for that.

5. God seems to be asking me to consider the interplay between compassion and love.  Both vertically and horizontally.

6. The kiddo made cookies tonight.  From mixing batter to putting cookies on cooling racks to serving them with milk.  Nice to enjoy some yummy cookies and that smile that says, “I did it myself”.  Funny how it looks a lot like the smile from the 2yo who dressed himself, the 6 yo who read it himself, and the 10 yo who rode the bike by himself.  Cookies today, car next year?

7. It is that time of year when I begin to detest my hair… Too curly yet not curly enough.  Too long yet not long enough. And the weather just exacerbates the frustration with both of those irritations.  Then I start feeling annoyed with myself for being annoyed over such an unimportant thing.  Ack.

8.  I am coming to appreciate more and more the way that social media can be a blessing and a curse.  I love the conversations I get to be part of every day.  But I also know that there are times I am distracted from the people and things that ought to have my full attention.


What do you think?

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