10 Things I am learning about myself

In no particular order:

1.  I am really pretty ok with following rules.
1a. I am not very patient with people who have a lot of unspoken rules to live by and expect me to live by them, too.

2. My sense of humor does not translate well beyond those who know me

3. I really am a dog person

4. I want people to have more patience than they do.
4a. And more than I do.

5. I need at least seven hours of sleep each night.

6. I am not an organizer by nature

7. I really can let things go (sometimes)

8. I am not willing to let my family bear a burden that is not theirs

9. I am valued and valuable in God’s eyes.
9a. I will no longer allow people to convince me otherwise.

10. My place is not at the little kids’ table unless I choose to be there.


What do you think?

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