Poetry Month Day 29 : Sleepy

With April coming to a close (tomorrow!), I think I have actually done pretty well with this whole poetry month thing.

  • I’ve managed to get a poem written for each non-Sunday of the month, and on those days spent time finding a piece or two that is meaningful to me.
  • I’ve written about a wide variety of topics
  • I’ve done mostly free verse, but attempted a couple of easy forms

But tonight I am so exhausted, I don’t know whether to fall into a heap and snore or puke.  I can’t string words together in a way that would feel even remotely artistic.  Borrowing seems like a cop out, as does coming up with just a couple of rhymes.   So apologies in advance to any who venture beyond here.

> Here there be dragons

As I drift off into the netherworld
between sleeping and waking
the sounds and smells of both realms
mingle in a hallucinogenic soup
that mocks the people and places I head toward

Their misshapen structures wave
and bob in the stream of unconsciousness
like zombie bobble-heads
(takes one to know one
doncha know)

But the kind man with the boggled eyes
says No.
In this land beyond the edges of the map
there are no living dead
no undead
But there is mystery


What do you think?

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