Poetry Month Day 28 – Life Goes On

I remember feeling out of time
and rhythm
and reality
in those crisis days
When the hurricane hit
and we were without power
When the kid was hospitalized
and we were powerless

And the world just went on living
voting for the next idol
lining up for the latest gadget
chattering on about this or that
Not stopping for my pain
or disconnection

How dare they?

Yet here I sit in comfort
while storms rage
earthquakes ravage
floods rise
children die
parents slip away
cancer steals in

Just not mine this time

Someone sits in crisis
feeling powerless
While the sun shines
babies arrive
relationships heal
test results offer hope

Do I dare to go on living
beyond my prayers and offers of help?

>If you can, please support a relief charity- my favorites are Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (often the first feet on the ground) and ELCA Disaster Response.  Both have much lower overhead than Red Cross and others.

Posted with prayers for those still in harm’s way, those who escaped with no loss, those who escaped having lost all.  For those who have lost family or friends, pets cherished keepsakes, homes and cars. For those who are on their way even now to restore power, provide food and water, and much needed medical support.  For all of these and those needs I can’t imagine, I pray to the Lord.


What do you think?

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