Poetry Month Day 22- Good

Good Earth

A pebble in the universe
no too wet and not too dry
teeming with life
maybe by happy accident
maybe by design
but precious
to those who cling to its surface
and explore its mysteries
and mine its riches
and even seek to break the bonds of its gravity
and realize that it is good.

Good Friday

It’s been a dirty world from the start
as God molded the first human from earth
breathing life into the created
knowing the potential for good
and evil.

Working the fields,
Walking the deserts and dry sea beds,
Following the teacher
with feet as grubby as sinful hearts
We continue the path of humanity
in a broken yet beautiful world
in a kingdom here and yet to come

We come year after year to the cross
almost unwilling to name the
filthy reality of Christ crucified
eager to move beyond
the blood and vinegar
the broken body and fluids spilling
the raw terror in Mary’s eyes

We long instead to rush to the tomb
the women will declare empty once again
on a path lined with white lillies
arriving in our Sunday best
our hearts clean and redeemed
shining like freshly polished shoes

But linger we must,
in the presence of humility that is power
in the days of darkness before perfect love drives out the fear
in the part of the story where death has the upper hand
with God: mysterious, terrifying and good


3 thoughts on “Poetry Month Day 22- Good

  1. your poetry is divine..

    invite you sharing a free verse with poets rally today.…12 hours to go before we are closed.

    Hope to see you in!
    Have A Blessed Thursday!

    claim three awards in my Tuesday post regardless you join or not, have fun!
    bless you.

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