Poetry Month Day 21- Roll Back the Stone

This is a song I wrote – probably six years ago – for our praise band to use as an offertory on Easter Sunday.  It’s funny to come back to this now with fresh eyes and a fair number of miles on the theological training odometer.  God was clearly working on me, even if I didn’t know exactly what was coming.

Roll Back the Stone

I can’t imagine the pain you went through
Battered and beaten and then crucified
You carried a cross and the weight of the world
While the ones you held close ran to hide

Your great sacrifice was the world’s victory
But your death was all most people saw
After three days you rose, Angels rolled back the stone
You were back; you were whole.  I’m in awe

Jesus, roll back the stone in my heart today
Let your radiant light shine through
Send a passion for you, guide each step on the way
As I die to myself and live only for You

Who am I to come forward to join in this feast –
Should I dare to approach your throne?
And who am I to drink the cup of your blood
I’m broken and weak on my own

You are my Savior, my Redeemer and Lord
You’ve made me a child of the King
You’re my brother, my friend, and Your infinite love
Lives in me, and that’s why I can sing

I can’t make sense of the fact that you love me
But I know in my heart it’s true
In my darkest hour, I feel you with me
Saying Roll back the stone and break through


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