Poetry Month Day 18 – If I Ran the Zoo*

If I ran the zoo
it wouldn’t be the sort with people on one side
and critters on the other
staring back and forth and wondering
how it must feel to be one of those
stashed away in fake freedom
and each feeling sorry for the other

If I ran the zoo
it wouldn’t be the sort where people
drive through in their cars
sipping their sodas behind the windows
that keep them from feeling the wind
or smelling the dirt and muck,
all while snapping pictures that look like
they had been in the wild

If I ran the zoo
it would be the sort of where people
opened up their houses and
looked outside to see the critters
that lived nearby
and loved them
and let them live as God made them
and took care of them
without containing or controlling them
but just by being sure that they had a place
to be.

*With a big hat tip to Dr. Suess who would have written this (like the book I loved as a kid) in rhyming anapestic tetrameter. Maybe one day…

Post Script

If I ran the zoo
it wouldn’t be much of a zoo
because I’m not a zoologist
or really much of any sort of –ologist
I’m studying theology, so
I could be a theologist
or theologiser
or theologizer
or theologian.
Or just a person
who reads and thinks about God.
A lot.


What do you think?

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