A “day off”

Sounds wonderful.  But I’m not sure I actually do get one today.  I mean, I’ve already spent a few hours finishing up my classwork from this past week.  And I’ve got bills to pay (does that EVER stop?).  And there’s housework that I can never get past, even though the family does help out quite a bit.

But it’s time to just take off for a little while.  Maybe see something that inspires today’s poem.  Maybe take some snaps to share with friends.  Maybe smile a bit and laugh a lot.  Ignore the phone and teh Tvitteh and the Facebook and the email and all of those pulls on my attention.  Maybe just be out and about with my kiddo and hubby.  Maybe even pull the hammock out of the attic when we get home…

Yeah.  A a day off will suit me JUST fine.


What do you think?

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