Poetry Month Day 14- No Longer Silent

No Longer Silent

How long have those voices been crying out?
The ones that I only just noticed…

They are so very much like my own
Yet somehow
Completely unlike

Theirs are sharper,
with an edge that cuts straight through the bullshit and subterfuge
placed as barriers by those who would enforce silence.

Theirs are more plaintive,
with an undertone of sadness resonating beneath layers
of self-preservation and resignation.

They are beautiful in their diversity
and speak of colors I have looked past,
not because I had no prejudice,
but because in my privelege,
I didn’t need to look

And they tell the stories
of lives between and transcending gender
of families with moms and dads or both or none
of children left behind, tossed aside or left unloved
of homelessness,
of illness in mind or body

They are more insistent
with each passing day in hopes that someday
they will be well and truly heard

I hear brothers and sisters
who want to be.

Simply and wholly be
who they are

No longer

Or Silent.


What do you think?

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