Poetry Month Day 8 – Dark to Light

The RevGals are doing the Friday Five thing and I’m doing the poetry thing, so it seems logical in my own odd little universe to write today’s poem around today’s challenge…

Tell us five ways in which you are anticipating, or your life is moving towards light, joy, hope–new things:  new ideas,  new hobbies, new people…and so on.

And so here goes…


The plastic cup is still there, half-hidden by the lower branches of the shrub.

Perhaps it escaped from the recycle bin,

or the hand of a careless teenager riding with friends to school, windows open

or the back of a pickup

or the back of my car,

And found itself rolling along, pushed by the playful breeze,

Then suddenly stuck.

scratched by twigs and branches,

explored by tiny bugs and squishy frogs

washed by the rain and baked by the sun, until

The letters that shouted BIG GULP almost disappeared.


Forgotten- well, briefly noticed at times.

But only in those moments

when we were in too much of a hurry to leave.  Or to go inside.

Invisible… mostly.


Cast aside.


Waiting for the one person who would see

The one person who would see the cup.

The one person who would see the cup was still a cup.


We wait, too, for

The One who knows what it is to be tossed away,

used up and broken,

The One who fills those who are tossed aside as worthless,

with water that quenches thirst and restores life.

The One who lifts up those who have disappeared before our eyes,

calls them by name and renews their spirits.

The One who shines light into the darkness,

of a thicket of branches

and past walls that isolate a wounded heart.

The Light of the World

Who was, Who is, Who is to come.


What do you think?

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