Happy Blog-iversary

With the recent shift over to my new blog address & getting used to WordPress, I’ve totally missed the fact that I just passed a milestone.

As of April 2, I have been doing the blog thing mostly regularly for FOUR years. That’s actually not bad for someone who is far more gifted at starting things than maintaining them.

In honor of this Blog-iversary, I shall list 4 things I have learned via this venture:
1. Putting things into words, even if you’re not sure anyone will read them but you, is a good way to sort out what you really feel, believe or need.

2. There are a lot of amazing women out there doing ministry and they are worth getting to know online

3. My prayers on paper (or pixels) tends to be more psalm-like, moving from joy to despair to hope, faith and love.

4. I do have things to say. Some inane, some deep. But they are given to me to say, and I glad.

And “one to grow on”
I am thankful for the DELETE and CANCEL buttons.

Thanks for stopping by… Come back again sometime.


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