Poetry Month Day 5

Force Field

Taking the long way home,
enjoying a few moments
of quiet
of being responsible to no one
of no one asking for one more opinion, approval or favor

Just me and my car, hurtling through space-
Radio off,
Phone on silent,
Phasers set to stun.

Glad for the long commute as
thoughts finally become my own.
Not work’s
Not school’s
Not family’s…
They are left behind, a star system away.

I dream
the dreams that are mine alone.
I listen for
the voice at once distant and intimate.

It calls
I answer.

It sings
I rejoice.

I celebrate again my freedom to be one with the One
whose heart beats within mine
whose Breathe gives me life
whose hands hold mine
whose words speak life and power
Who is everywhere
Who loves me
Who is


What do you think?

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