All over the place

Lately I have felt like I am all over the place. Over-tired, over-extended and overwhelmed.  I know a lot of it has to do with the FPK and the adventure that parenting has become.  In the past 15 months, we’ve had three crisis trips to the hospital and continued difficulties with a diagnosis, finding a good treatment team, and finding the right balance of push and encourage when it comes to school.

Another chunk of it comes from school.  We started in July, added internship time to a full class load in the fall, had about 48 hours of break before a ridiculously heavy preload to complete between Christmas and New Years.  Then classes in Dubuque, followed hard on by the spring semester reading and posting.  Thankfully, this has been a relatively light semester in that regard.  But because I am spending a day a week in my internship downtown, I feel like I am always under the gun at work.

Which leads me to the other issue… the car.  I feel like I am forever driving somewhere.  Work (30 minutes each way), downtown (45), the therapist or the doctor (also downtown), the Youth Alliance meetings (downtown, too).  By the time I get to Saturday, I honestly just want to be a homebody.

And so… sometimes, I feel like my mind is as scatttered as the kiddo’s.  Just today, I went to look for the bills I needed to mail out.  I have no idea where I’ve put them.  I now have a clean kitchen/dining/family room, since I turned them upside down in search of envelopes.  But still no luck.  And I am known about the house as the “finder of lost things.”  This is not good.


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