Don’t mind me, I’m just your customer

I know that drive-through doesn’t count as real food, but when you’ve got 40 minutes to make a 45 minute drive to the church at which you’re guest-preaching and didn’t even have time to grab a soda on the way out the door, sometimes a drive-through biscuit has to do.

So, I fund myself driving under a sign that says “You now have clearance to HAVE IT YOUR WAY” and being greeted by a menu sign reminding me to HAVE IT YOUR WAY.  So, I order my combo and head around to pay and pick up.  The sweet woman who took my order now takes my payment and says, “Oh- by the way, we’re out of hash browns. Can I substitute french toast sticks?”

Um… no thanks, I’ll do without.

She turns away again to get my soda, then asks me, “Since we are out of Dr. Pepper, would you mind Coke instead?”

Um… Diet Coke, please.

What I wanted to say was, “The first step to your customer being able to HAVE IT MY WAY is to actually HAVE the items listed on your menu.  Or maybe just put a question mark or an ironic emoticon at the end of your iconic phrase.

At least the biscuit was what I ordered…


What do you think?

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