Will I never learn?

In the grand scheme of things, this is a decidedly small deal.  I know.  But I did it again.. I was so frustrated with my hair that I decided I couldn’t wait until my next appointment.  In the past, this has wrought one of two results: a cute new cut and relationship with a new stylist OR an awful experience leading to weeks of self-loathing (or at least frustration) while I wait for the cut/color to grow out enough to be fixable.

Honestly, if I had checked my calendar more closely, I’d probably have waited the 9 more days to see Brent.  But I thought it was more like 2 full weeks.  But no…  and now?   Well, it’s not the worst cut ever.  But it wasn’t the cut that was most dis-satisfying.  It was the whole experience.

My hair (as I have whined here before) is somewhere between wavy and curly.  Just where on that spectrum is determined by the level of humidity in the air.  There are a few cowlicks tossed in for good measure, and it’s really thick but fine.  It’s also very healthy and has a nice color.  Usually, when I visit a new salon and have a consultation, the stylist acknowledges the difficulties my hair presents, as well as the positives, and asks how much time I want to put into styling, etc. Really good stylists will listen and provide a couple of ideas for the day and even longer term possibilities.

I don’t know if this gal was having a bad day, was annoyed with me coming in right before she was leaving, or what.  But the entire process felt like I was imposing.  She looked at my hair and proceeded to tell me that it was already too short for her to do anything with it to help the curl.  I was just going to have to let it grow out.  In fact, she said that there were no real styles for wavy or curly hair, just shapes that work for the days you don’t want to blow out.  If I didn’t want to blow dry every day, the best solution for me was to do a straightening process.

But we settled on a trim to just clean up the shape of my cut, and I asked her to show me how I could style my hair on the days I needed to get out quickly, rather than styling it straight.  Honestly, I should have just left.  The two or three things that I still LIKED about my old cut?  She changed them completely.  he didn’t actually style my hair curly, so much as demo a product she was offering for purchase.

A woman should leave a salon feeling cared for and beautiful.   I got neither for my trouble (or my money).


What do you think?

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