A Prayer for a Tuesday

Lord of all, even those who would rather you stay out of their business,

Be with those who are in danger today- those risking their lives for others, those seeking release from bondage, those making choices (whether innocent or purposeful) that place them in harm’s way. It is in those places we have the hardest time seeing you, and yet you promise that you are never far from anyone who calls on you.  For those whose lives will end today, we pray.  And for those who love them and whose lives will feel as though they are ending, we pray.  We pray comfort, peace, presence and faith.

Be with those starting new ventures, filled with hope that is tinged only so very slightly by fear of failure.  And with those celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, births, promotions… all of those things that lift our hearts and souls from the reality that today is just Tuesday, just another of the 365 that will make up this year.  Bring them joy in those precious moments.  But more than that, O God whose grace knows no bounds, lift their eyes higher, lift their hearts to experience your presence and fill them with the awe and wonder they are really searching for in their families, their jobs, their hobbies or ministries… making their joy in all those things with which you have blessed them all the sweeter.

Be with those who are tired…  Tired of fighting, but committed to the battle for justice.  Tired of talking, but committed to honest conversation.  Tired of teaching, but committed to helping others see the light.  Empower, embolden, and enable them to be your hands, feet, voice, and presence.  Let them feel your Spirit breathing new life into their own, give them words that are so clearly yours alone that you receive all the glory and honor for the work done in and through your people.

Be with us.  Be with your people.  We need you desperately.  And we need to need you desperately, so continue to lead, push, pull and drag us to that edge where we have no choice to cry out for you.

For me sweet Lord, I need more of you.  Less of me and my mess.  More of you and your holiness.  When I cry, let those tears wash away those things that I ought to have let go of so very long ago.  When I laugh, let me do so with the abandon of one who is loved deeply in spite of herself.  When I sleep, let me do so in your embrace.  When I awake to a world full of chaos, let me never doubt that you remain wholly in charge.  When I see Tuesday on the calendar, let me remember that it is your day, too.



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