Love, Marriage, Hate & Intolerance

>I wonder sometimes what it is that makes people so doggedly opposed to gay marriage. I mean, I get that there are people who believe with all their hearts that any sort of non-married heterosexual intercourse is an abominable sin.

But even among fairly liberal folks, I think we could identify a sort of sexual sin hierarchy… 

Married hetero sex – OK
Hetero unmarried pre-marital sex, adultery or date rape – bad
Hetero stranger rape, extreme promiscuity, pornography- really bad
Hetero child pornography or child molestation- really really bad
Now, I’m not saying I’ve ever seen this written or heard it explicitly discussed. But I think if you were to poll folks who are on the conservative end of the socio-political spectrum, they would rank any sort of homosexual intercourse at really bad or beyond.
I guess I just don’t understand why it is that people can’t view same gender sexual activity through the same lens as heterosexual activity.  I happen to believe that the best possible way for people to share this most intimate part of themselves with one another is in a long-term covenant relationship. Seems to me, the best way to encourage those relationships is to make them available and of equal standing, no matter the genders of those entering into the relationship.  I know that makes me heretical in the eyes of some.
But here’s the thing… I can’t say to a whole chunk of the human population that they must be celibate.  Forever.
Single heterosexual people who are Christ-followers are called to be chaste.  But we don’t assume that all of them will remain single, otherwise we would never have invented the institution of marriage.  Single homosexual, bisexual or queer followers of Jesus are meant to be chaste.   But all of them… Forever?  That’s what we’re asking of the LGBTQ community when we deny marriage.
Yes, I believe there are people of all orientations who could do with a little celibacy and self-control… at least for a season… whether they are Christ-followers, Allah-believers, atheist, agnostic, wiccan, or any other faith/worldview.  I feel the same way about all sorts of fasts- there is much to be gained from denial of instant gratification. But I know too many loving women and men who have covenanted, promised, been recognized on civil documents and even in some placed married their beloved partners and maintained more loving, caring, beautiful and long-lived relationships than half the heterosexual marriages in this country.

What do you think?

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