>aaaannnddd…. she’s back!

>So, what’s happened in the weeks since I last checked in here?

End of semester – the papers,exams, reading, and general insanity required to “getter dun.” This round was hard because in addition to prepping for the exams, I was doing catch up work from the middle of the semester when the FPK’s well-being was the primary focus. Thankfully, he was pretty stable during paper-writing time. And, thankfully, I managed to pull off another 3.5+ semester with Field Ed, Pastoral Care, PresbyHistory & Confessions and Ministry of Leadership.

Preload for J-Term- We were greeted during Christmas week with assignment to read about 800 pages, write an exegesis paper and complete 12 pages of book summaries. By January 3 to start class. Yeah. Coming off the fall term and heading into our two-week “holiday” There were a lot of rushed and late papers, and thankfully a little grace.

Christmas & New Year’s – somewhere in there we managed to get shopping done, gifts wrapped, meals cooked and eaten, tree decorated and even the annual decorating the villa at Give Kids the World. We watched a few (though not as many as usual) of our traditional Christmas movies. And we added the Dr. Who Christmas Special to our annual “must-see” list. I am so thankful for the thoughtful gifts I received from family – including school books!

Travel time- We spent part of one weekend in Sarasota for the kiddo’s first college visit. He fell in love with New College. New Year’s Day it was the flight from O-Town to Milwaukee, followed by the drive to Dubuque.

School Time – after all that prep work frustration, the classes were actually excellent. Expository Preaching was another great opportunity to try out those preaching skills and get some honest feedback from folks who want to see me succeed. I’ll post my two Ephesians sermons later. Christian Ethics was a blast, as well. Dr. P taught it in a seminar style, which meant we really did spend a fair amount of time wrestling with how to come to a theological framework for the stands we take on most any issue in church and/or our society today. Brilliant.

Play time! Seeing the people I have come to know and love like siblings (yes- even with the ick that sometimes accompanies siblings) is a huge blessing. It’s hard to believe we’re down to just one more August and one more January together before graduation. And the faculty are such warm, loving and brilliant people (who challenge and encourage me to grow academically every year). It’s hard not to spend every possible minute catching up, asking questions, learning and doing all those things that come with community. Double bonus points this round for time with Landon Whitsett, our PC(USA) Vice-Moderator. It was such a treat to welcome him to my home away from home and spend a little time with him in person. Nights were full of study halls, laughter with friends and trying to stay a little connected with the family at home.

Getting back home- with 10 days of intense class, fellowship and study time over, we drove back to Milwaukee so I could fly out. This was the first flight I’ve taken with a layover in a long time…. via Baltimore. Not a bad place to hang for a little while. I just wish my luggage hadn’t stayed behind for the next flight. At least it made it home!

So, now I’m here and slightly rested after a day doing mostly nothing. Yay for dogs who welcome us home and snuggle us back into the routine of the pack.


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