>Things I never thought I’d say…

>Yes, in the car the other day, I actually said to the FPK, “It’s something you just won’t understand until you are a parent.”

Seriously? Yes. Yes, I did. Now, I did preface it by saying that I remember hearing this from my mom and thinking she was just being difficult. And that I really didn’t get her reasoning at the time, but now that I’m facing the same decision-making for my child… it’s hard to explain the “why” sometimes. Sometimes it really just is that I am the mom and the choice is based on my being the human responsible for a younger human entrusted to my care.


Thankfully, I didn’t have to follow up with “Because I’m your mother and I said so.”

On a slightly related note, I really do hate that Sarah Palin has co-opted the whole Mama Bear metaphor for her political “mama grizzly” thing. The reality is that there are a good number of us Mama Bears that are not Palin-followers but get all growly when it comes to defending our cubs. Most of the decisions the FPK dislikes are actually me standing between the world and my little cub…


What do you think?

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