>Hard to believe it’s Thanksgiving again. In honor of the day, I shall list out some things that I am particularly thankful for this year.

Friends who are there for me in those moments of panic, doubt, fear and dread. The kind of friends I can call and just say, “tell me something funny” or “where did you see God today” and they just do. No questions asked.

Twitter. Networking, lurking, praying, laughing, being community with people I’ve never met in person (or maybe once), but can’t wait to see face to face some day.

Insurance. The fact that we have been able to get help for the FPK at times of real crisis, and that we have access to people who can continue to help us all learn and heal as we live with those challenges that make our child unique.

The community that my child experiences at Youth Alliance.

Fred. That little critter has brought joy and laughter into our house at a time when we needed it most.

My hubby. There are days that I can’t imagine what brought us together. But they are much more rare than those days when I can’t imagine life, parenthood, and all that without him.

God’s continued presence and provision. Even though I worry sometimes, I have seen the ways that God is working in and for us – good days and bad.


What do you think?

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