>My life is a comic strip…


Back in the day, Calvin & Hobbes was our favorite comic. It wasn’t just funny (hilarious, most days). Calvin actually seemed to capture the reality of our little guy as he grew to be a curious, creative, destructive, insightful, scary, lovely, funny kid. We mourned its departure from the comics page. But now, as we’ve entered the lovely season of life known as parenting a teen, the comics page has become a scary place.
I don’t know which it is, but Jerry Scott or Jim Borgman must follow our family around and write down ideas for their strip- Zits. It features Jeremy- a taller, but still blond, Calvin- and his parents, who look a vaguely like Calvin’s folks but softer and a little older. Trade in a couple of adolescent friends for the stuffed tiger and you’re there. Today’s strip is ripped straight from a conversation the hubby and I had a week ago (for the umpteenth time).

Preach it, sister!
***Zits is distributed by King Features Syndicate and available daily in many papers as well online at http://www.arcamax.com/zits.

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