>Intensive – Round 7

>It’s hard to believe that it was 4 years ago that I started this adventure. For 4 Augusts, I have packed up in Florida to spend 2 weeks in Iowa.

I’ve visited Milwaukee and Chicago on the way, and we’ve done some visiting of Iowa tourist sites – including the Field of Dreams in Dyersville (and the little study carrel in the UD library where Kevin Costner sat!). We’ve been to Sinsinawa Mounds, the Dubuque river walk and the elevator downtown. We’ve sweated it out and gloried in the clear, dry days like today. We’ve also managed to survive 3 January visits thus far… including the trip to Des Moines in the sub-freezing temps.
So we’re down to 4 semesters. That’s it. That’s not enough time to teach me the rest of the stuff I need to know… I don’t know nearly enough about the theologians that have shaped our tradition, about Greek or Hebrew or how to run a funeral.
And yet, I know that it is precisely in this incompetence and insecurity that Christ has the most room to work and the Holy Spirit is most free to enter into the conversation. God doesn’t need me to do or be anything. Except available, faithful and connected to God and other believers. That’s enough to make this tired body say good night and rest up for yet another day on campus!

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