Chapel Prayers

Prayer of Confession

Lord, we are more apt to rise to the occasion in worship, lifting our hearts and voices in song, lifting our praises to you. It is when we go out of this communion and into our everyday waking, walking, working and playing lives that we fall.

Sometimes, like Peter, we take our eyes off of you and get caught up in the waves of confusion, doubt and fear.Sometimes, like the rich young man, we walk away from you, not ready to commit. And sometimes we just want to do things our own way, and the siren call of the far off land pulls us away.

No matter the why or the how, we fall and we fail. And so we come to you in need of wholeness and forgiveness. We name our sins, trusting that in your extravagant grace, you will answer our cries for forgiveness. We open our hearts to confess our sins to you Lord in silent reflection. (silence) Amen.

Assurance of Pardon

Friends, we are surrounded by evidence of God’s grace…

Look up! See Christ’s hand reaching out to calm the storm and lift out of your sins.

Listen! Hear the voice of the Spirit, inviting you into the adventure of a lifetime.

Reach out! Feel in the touch of your sisters and brothers the embrace of our God – who celebrates the prodigal and the steadfast alike.

In Christ, we are restored to new life so that we might love God and our neighbor all the more. Thanks be to God. Amen.

 Prayers of the People

Creator God, we come to you as individuals, people who have very particular needs, particular fears, and particular sorrows. We come believing, and we come in need of your help with our unbelief. We come full of faith, and we come confused by the conflicting messages we hear in the world around us. We come wondering what the next day will bring, sometimes worrying, sometimes trusting.

We ask you, Father, to lead us, guide us, provide for us, correct us, heal us, and draw each of us closer to you.

Holy Spirit, we come to you as a body, as a community in need of your power. We come in search of the work that only you can do to open peoples’ hearts and minds. We come in hopes that you will work in us and through us to build disciples, transform families and create neighborhoods and workplaces that reflect God’s glory.

We ask you Spirit, to enlighten us, prod us, speak for us, empower us, challenge us, fill us, and draw all of us closer to you.

Lord Jesus, we come to you as brothers and sisters, members of a family that stretches beyond this campus and this city, beyond the borders of this country and around the world. We come celebrating the great cloud of witnesses, those saints we have only known in scripture and in history, as well as those whose loss we feel personally and keenly today. We come as citizens in need of strong leaders. We come as people who need a reminder of what it looks like to be fully human and fully reconciled to God. We come to you celebrating the King born in humility, and we come in need of a Savior.

We ask you, O Christ, to dwell with and in us, refine us, intercede for us, continue to teach us – as you did those who walked with you on earth, to join in the harvest as you draw the world closer to you.

We bring all of these things and more to you God, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and in the name of Jesus, who taught us to pray…


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