>Ways to support a seminarian

>Tomorrow is Theological Education Sunday, the day set aside on the PC(USA) calendar to encourage local congregations to support our denominational seminaries, as well as the seminarians under care in their presbyteries (and perhaps their own communities).

This fall, the PC(USA) Study grant program received 200 applications for 150 grants, which means not everyone in need will get support from the denomination. Clearly, there is a need for additional funds to distribute. There is also great need for support at the local level, directly to those women and men who are responding to a call to ministry of word and sacrament.
I tweeted a handful of ways that individuals and congregations could help – financially and practically-but 140 characters just gets us started in ways to help…
Category 1- Gift Cards:
* Books (Amazon is great because you can use it for used and new books)
* Food (grocery stores, fast food, or a nice restaurant to have for a special occasion)
* Entertainment (self care includes a mental break at the movies, museums, live theater)
* Travel (many airlines and most gas companies now have this option)
Category 2- Real Life
* Babysitting
* A free hot meal and conversation that goes beyond schoolwork
* Snail mail (postcards, letters and notes of encouragement)
* Invitations to participate in non-church events you enjoy
Category 3- Churchy Stuff
* Practical ministry experience (develop liturgy, sitting in on session)
* Worship Leader/Lay Reader experience
* Allow into the preaching rotation (with training wheels at first)
* Introduce your seminarian to clergy in the presbytery (besides the CPM)
Add your thoughts in comments, and spread the word. More importantly, do something- make a seminarian’s day!

What do you think?

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