>An Answered Prayer

>This morning, a friend posted a tweet that went something like this

Praying for the salvation of the world. Any other requests?

Every once in a while he solicits prayer requests, and I know that he lifts them to the Lord- just as I pray for him on the days he is in need. I’m not sure exactly what prompted it, but I sent back this request:
for all those in need of a good hug today- send warm and loving people to be God’s arms.

And then I went on about my day.

On the way home this afternoon, I called to check in on the family. Mom and the FPK were home all day, which is sometimes ok, sometimes fraught. After all, we’re talking teen mood swings and a presby-grandma who embodies the concept of decent and in order.

It so happens that today was an answer to prayer. Mom had heard from a friend who has been battling some severe medical issues for years and is now facing some end of life choices. It’s hard to hear a friend is ready to stop fighting and let God decide when it’s time to go home. Even when you know it’s the right thing to do. She was in need of a hug.

The next time the FPK walked through, she asked for a hug and got it. And got a second one, along with a long empathetic talk. Who knew that an answer to my prayer would be a young person who stepped out of the center of his own universe to give love away. I wonder how many other hugs came from unexpected sources today?

What do you think?

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