You know you’ve been a mom too long when…

You actually have the urge to go tell a young woman to pull up her skirt and pull down the end of her tank top.

In my defense, we were at Epcot on one of those days when you are sharing the World Showcase with about a half-billion of your hottest (and by that I mean sweatiest) friends. Between the heat and the tourist trudge speed of our motion through the park, I was getting a little cranky. Then this cute couple stepped out in front of us to walk…
They really were cute. In their twenties and all trendy in their clothing and shoe selections. But apparently she was completely unaware that her enviable slender figure was being horribly defaced on the left flank. Her low rise skirt had drifted downward to the one curvish spot on her body and was causing an unnatural overflow of flesh. It was still where it belonged on the right side, and was quite flattering over there…. but I really wanted to speed up ever so slightly, hook my arm in hers and give her a fastpass to the great restroom ride. A quick little adjustment and she’d have been the hottest (and not in the sweaty sense) gal on the sidewalk.
I resisted. I still feel slightly guilty for letting a sister down. But there are always plenty of mom/grandmom types willing to take on these tsk-tsk tasks. And it couldn’t have been comfortable. Surely she was sorted out before the handsome young man escorting her noticed.

What do you think?

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