Five Things I Never Thought I’d Say

In no particular order of astonishment:

  • Newt Gingrich said something I agreed with
  • I am worth every penny I spend on pedicures and a good hair cut
  • I am an unrepentant Twitter geek
  • My child is bi-polar
  • My husband and I will be the only straight couple of three at the dinner table on Easter.

Let me pause here to state for the record that I am not ashamed of any of these. Not even Newt. After all, agreeing is a good thing in an overly contentious world. But you know, it’s when we get into areas like mental health and sexual orientation that there an irrational sense of shame can pop up. Shame is way different from pleasantly surprised, and I am the latter.

The first two would likely also surprise people who have known me for a long time. I’m decidedly not a Republican and never have been. The way things are going, it’s not likely they’ll win me over any time soon. But one day I was listening to NPR and heard old Newtie say a couple of things related to the process of trying to get our economic engine running again that absolutely made sense. Then he moved back on to a talking point that I’d heard from several talking heads before him. But for just a moment, I thought he had started thinking pragmatically…

I’ve never been a girlie-girl, either. But in the past few years, I have learned that there is a value in self-care, especially in the form of the salon. First, there is the pedi-chair. They can do a sloppy job on the toes, as long as I get to sit in that chair and enjoy a good massage. Bonus points for the lotion rub and the bubbles in the little foot tub. The hair care is even more important. A stylish hair cut makes me feel confident and relevant to whatever conversation is happening. Bad cut or color? I feel like I’m back in the high school geek squad. Don’t know why or what that says about me, but don’t expect to see me in MasterClips or BargainCuts again.

As for Twitter—I will confess to being a skeptic early on. I couldn’t figure why anyone would spend time tracking where people are or what they are doing. And yet, here I am with a whole network of people that I’ve never met, but I care about, talk to, pray for and look forward to hearing from every day. Oh, and I can keep in touch with people I know, too. I’m sold.

I must say that am thankful to have words for what walloped our Kid earlier this year. But they are scary words, not least because of the depictions of bipolar people on television and in movies. Or stories that I’ve heard from other parents, siblings and children of people struggling to bring their disorder into some semblance of order. Still, with the diagnosis comes treatment, and the treatment thus far has brought some relief.  I am hopeful that we will learn how to live in this new normal and survive high school together.

Yep… we’ve got 10 people for dinner – the usual four (me, the Hubby, Mom and the Kid) plus the Pyrotechnician Sis. Then we invited her housemates- The Sweet Guys#, who are almost family at this point, which led to another Mom being invited as well. While we were planning the menu, we thought we’d just round out the table- after all, we were looking for a time to do dinner with Mel’s Guys*. And so, we’ll have two single matriarchs, one single gal, one teenager and three couples who have been together for about 50 years combined. While I would never have guessed we’d have a table this diverse for Easter, I wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ll, almost. I wish that Mel, her partner and boy were here to make it 13.


# So named because they have a burgeoning business in chocolates and custom cakes.

* Because we met them through my friend Mel- whom I knew half a lifetime ago and reconnected with a year ago. That’ll need to be a whole ‘nother post!



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