Whither the blog posts?

Yet again, I find myself with about five draft posts and nothing published in weeks. It’s not like I don’t have anything to say… more like too much with no time to really process it. Like…

What happens to forgiveness deferred? Sometimes it takes a while to get to true forgiveness, even when we try… what happens to our hearts and relationships in the meantime?
Who do I know that would be able to help my family as we transition into a Minister’s Family? If I don’t know anyone, how do I find them?
What in the world is wrong with people in our country? I mean, didn’t more of our moms and dads teach us how to play nicely in the sandbox? And how to use our inside voices? And how to use words to express ourselves without causing injury to others?
Why is it that even though I know that Twinkies are not really real food, I crave them once in a while?
Ok- that last one might not rate a whole post on its own. But I did think about that today…
So, until I get a chance to sit down at the computer and make some sense of these. I’ll have to leave it at this. I am looking forward to getting past this semester and rebooting my brain.

What do you think?

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