Don’t Talk, Do!

An online pastor friend of mine decided that he was spending more time talking about Jesus than doing anything on His behalf. I’m not sure that I agreed, knowing all that he does for the kingdom… but, the thought got him so riled up that he’s determined today- March 3, 2010- should be “Don’t Talk-Do” Day. And he’s challenged people to join him in finding ways to do good works in Christ’s name today, rather than just talking about how we should be doing.

I’ll post later what I end up doing… And if this is one of those odd days when I end up with a reader, JOIN IN! Let me know what you end up doing by adding a comment.


One thought on “Don’t Talk, Do!

  1. Well, I wrote emails of encouragement to people I know and love who are doing mission work every day.I did my day job, which is helping to resource missionaries on college campuses.I prayed. I gave to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, because I know they are on the ground long after the other organizations leave, working for healing and wholeness.

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