Do the days go marching 2×2, too?

Time marches on, as evidenced by the fact that it is March 1st. I don’t fret about getting older, really. I mean, the reality is that we get older until we stop. And then we die. I can freak out about this, or I can live with it; I am opting for the latter.

But, there’s this one thing about the march of time that bugs me. Because we are always doing stuff, there doesn’t seem to be enough time to enjoy it going by. It’s like I’ve just finished paying last month’s bills and the envelopes are piling up again. I got all our IRS forms and we’re already half-way through the tax season. Our kid just became a teenager, and this fall he’ll be old enough to look into a learner’s permit (to start driving!!!).

There’s not much we can do about the busyness at the moment. We are in one of those seasons when things are pretty nutty. Yes, we can cut back a little on the social media and the TV or movie watching. But there are things we just have to do- school, work, grocery shopping, eating meals together. Even paying those pesky bills and submitting our tax return. And this doesn’t even count worship services, HS Orchestra concerts, evening meetings for work or church.

There is something about this hunger for simplicity that I want desperately to hang onto. So that when I am finished with classes, and the hubby is done with his dissertation, we do take time to breathe, look around, play and relax. I want to feel the time tick away instead of watching it fly past.


What do you think?

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