Handing myself over to the committee

There’s something a bit strange and unsettling about coming to the CPM meeting each year, meeting some new members and re-connecting with returning members, sharing details about the last 12 or so months of my life, and asking them for permission to continue down this path I’m on.

I mean, there is significant emotional, financial, physical and spiritual investment that happens in those intervening months, and most of these people really only know me at a pretty surface level. That will change a bit this round, as I was fairly transparent in my responses to the “what’s going on in your world” sorts of questions in the update form.
And yet, there is something affirming in having people who don’t see you all the time, who are committed to helping people discern their call, and who are reading carefully to see where I have grown and can continue to grow… having those people tell you that they, too, see the hand of God in your life. At least I hope that is what they will say. I don’t see them until tomorrow.
My prayer is that I can communicate well, with honesty and integrity, where I am today in those various realms of my life. I pray that my heart will be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit in how to best convey what I am learning, not just in school but in those moments of joy and pain that have been so intermingled of late. I pray that they will hear with the loving ears of God and the compassionate mind of Christ. I pray that God will open doors for new opportunities and will reveal the best way to walk through doors that need to close behind me. Most importantly, I pray that God will be glorified. Amen and amen.

What do you think?

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