Credo (edited)

So, I’m supposed to come up with a Statement of Faith for the next in the sequence of hoops that must be jumped as I move toward Ordination. This is my first pass. I suspect the next version will be way meatier, since we’ll be writing about 12 pages worth in Doctrine that will need to be condensed into one page for the committee’s next review.

Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve got:
****Edited to include version 1.5. Thanks for feedback!

I believe in God, whose creation surrounds us and provides for all our physical needs,
who adopts us, extending covenant grace to all,
who spoke from a whirlwind and a burning bush,
and who speaks to us still in the witness of the Scriptures.

I believe in Jesus the Christ, the only Son of God, the Word who was with God and was God from the beginning,
who indwells, saves and transforms his disciples in every time and place.
He was born to Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit,
lived a life of perfect obedience and communion with God,
suffered the indignity and cruelty of humankind’s rejection,
and bearing the sins of all,
died on the cross and was buried.
His resurrection and ascension into Heaven reveals the power of God,
redeems and reconciles sinful humanity,
and makes way for the sending of the Spirit to empower the church.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the comforter and catalyst, the illuminator of the Word,
who breathes life into a world of death and sin,
fills us with the obedient life of Christ, and
whose gifts edify the Body, transforming the work of broken people
into the building of God’s Kingdom.

I believe in the catholic church and its potential to truly live out God’s commands
to love God and neighbor,
its call to proclaim the gospel of peace, justice and reconciliation to the world in Word and deed, and
in the day when people from every tribe, tongue and nation will worship God in unity.

I believe in humanity’s need for confession and repentance, and in the forgiveness of sins;
in our hunger to be part of the mystery of faith, and the unifying presence of God in the sacraments;
that our earthly bodies will be resurrected,
and that life in Christ is eternal.

Whaddaya think?

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