Random Christmas Observations

I miss the old-fashioned mall, where you could park the car once and walk all over the mall (or at least as far as your tired feet would take you). These new “shopping centers” are lovely if I only want to go to one store, but the places I want to go are never next to one another. And because that is true for EVERYONE, there are always people driving from one end of the parking lot to the other…. so multiply that by Christmas shoppers plus poorly engineered traffic patterns, and it is just painful.

I like Christmas songs. A lot. I do not enjoy listening to them being mangled by well-meaning people. Really. You don’t have to put your own spin on everything.
I am way behind on my Christmas movie watching. School is not helpful in that regard.
Christmas lights are fun. Inflatables are fun. Inflatables that have only very tenuous connection with the holiday should be deflated. Prime examples: Noah’s ark, the snowman with hunting vest and rifle, and the pink pig in an elf suit.
Even here in Sunny ThemePark World, it should always cool down enough to turn off the air-conditioner when the Christmas lights go up.
I like Santa. I don’t like the whole commercialism that comes with the “I want” aspects of Santa, but there is much we can learn from Santa – making sure the gifts we give are things that people actually want, tirelessly working to assure that no one is left out, listening with a heart to hear the need behind the want, smiling at people, making room for people (ok, maybe not literally on our laps) so that they feel loved.

What do you think?

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