End of Semester Thoughts

I’m glad this semester is done… for a variety of reasons.

1. I really haven’t enjoyed Hebrew. It’s an interesting language, and there are way fewer exceptions to figure out than there were in Greek. But I haven’t enjoyed the pedagogical method that our instructor prefers. I’ll leave it at that.
2. Work has been intense. We’ve been trying to ramp up what we are doing, but haven’t been able to staff up to support it. That means wearing multiple hats, some of which don’t fit as well as others.
3. Home life is not much easier. I can name it in one word: Teenager. Yes, the FPK has been one for over a year, but it wasn’t until this fall and the start of High School that we saw the full-on ramifications of that change. We’ve been working through some stuff as a family, though, and I think there is some light shining in those dark shadowy hard places. I do know that I love that Boy.
4. The Hubby’s semester was equally intense at work and for classes. I’m ready to have him back for a couple of weeks. There have been moments this fall that reminded me of that scene in the Incredibles, where the kids are out of control (being kids) at the dinner table and Mr. I is completely oblivious- and Mrs. I finally shouts at him that he needs to engage. Yeah… I know that feeling. And I know how my sweet Hubby feels when there just isn’t enough left in the tank to engage.
5. That strange disconnected feeling at church. I’ve been fairly intentional about saying “no” to things this fall. Except for some Worship Leading and some preaching gigs at other churches, I haven’t really done much beyond worshiping in the pews. It’s been good to experience what other churches are doing in worship and I thank God for the ways that I experience hospitality, joy and love in each of them. But there is definitely a loss of community for me when I’m not all in someplace. I think I may need to explore that…

One thought on “End of Semester Thoughts

  1. I too was pretty firm in my "no" answers last semester. And since I had been an associate pastor, people didn't understand. I'm glad I was able to say "no" — five years ago I would have been guilted into it. Sure gave me food for thought as I move into ministry…Hope you enjoy your semester break… and capture the joy and peace that IS Christmas!Deb

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