It’s the little things…

As Robert Earl Keene writes

It’s the little things – the itty bitty things – you do that piss me off
I can always tell when I’m feeling stressed. There’s the desire to curl up and sleep until whatever it is, has passed. Then there’s that strange weight that’s not quite guilt… mostly responsibility. But mostly it’s the edginess. That annoying habit of being annoyed by the smallest things. I am generally a fairly amiable person. But being overwhelmed and overstressed brings out the cranky person inside me.
I get snarky. I sound bitter. I am impatient. I want others to listen to me. Now. I want everyone else’s common sense to be identical to mine. I want to be able to take care of things and check them off the list.
Really, I think what I want when I’m stressed is for people to love me. Not that “love ya” kind of interaction. I want that “God wants you to remember just how much you are worth, so God sent me to show you” kind of love. I want my husband to tell me I am beautiful. I want someone to thank me for going above and beyond.
Actually, I think the verb I ought to be using is need. I need those expressions of God’s love on a regular basis. And I need to be asking for God to send the Spirit to fill my empty tank. All those stress behaviors? They read like a list of rotten fruits that are of everything but the Spirit. Stopping the I, moving to we. God and me. In that order.
It’s the little things. The little things that pick me up, turn me around, and point me to God.

What do you think?

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