ick, part the 2nd

So I dragged my whiney self and child to the doctor’s office today. The news was that we have an A-class flu. These are overwhelmingly H1N1 in our area, so the doc says we may as well assume that diagnosis… The good news was that I didn’t feel any worse after we named it. The bad news was that we were officially told to stay home from work and school for one week from the day the symptoms started.

Soooo the young man doesn’t go to school until next Monday, and I should not be at the office until next Tuesday. And we need to be ultra careful around the house, so that no one else gets it. Lots of hand washing and lysol wiping. And Tamiflu taking. And contacting people who might also be at risk after hanging around with us.

Hopefully, I will feel good before the end of this “house arrest” period and can get some work and homework done. Meanwhile, I’m ready for a nap


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