There and Back Again

To borrow a title from a much better writer than me… this has been the theme of my life for the last few months. It started in July with the Staff Conference work trip to Colorado, followed closely by my A-term in Dubuque. Just a couple of weeks later, the whole family drove up to Nashville for a visit with the Hawkes clan over Labor Day weekend.

The latest round was a long weekend at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for my birthday. We came home Sunday night, and then I took of Monday for a business trip out to Seattle. Thankfully, I don’t have anything on major on my calendar until January. There are a couple of Sundays out and about (a 3K at Disney and a couple of preaching gigs out of town). But Thanksgiving and Christmas are scheduled to be Home Sweet Home occasions.

I do love to travel. I like the adventure of it- meeting new people, seeing new places. I like the way that being away from the normal pattern causes me to take an extra look at people and how they deal with things differently than me. One thing I’m getting better at is trying local foods (and brews) and checking out local hangouts… at least when given the opportunity.

The hard part is the re-entry. It’s just hard to get back into the groove AND pick up the bits that the While-you-were-out Fairy didn’t do. Maybe that is something I should bear in mind next time a team-mate leaves town… I think maybe there’s a little fairy dust tucked away in my drawer, behind the extra staples.


What do you think?

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