Preaching gigs next month

I was invited back to Melbourne to preach next month- this time it’s a back-to-back 2 Sunday gig. The first weekend is right on top of midterms, so I’ll need to be working ahead in both sermon prep and school, I suppose. Good thing I’ve got some travel planned in between. Sigh.

I did already look up the lectionary readings for those two weeks. I may have to go with the Old Testament passages. The first week’s is the part of Job where the Lord speaks to Job from the whirlwind. To me, this is one of the most powerful interactions in the Bible. It has been one of those “life verses” for me- my heart was pierced the first time I read it. And it has done so every time since, albeit in different ways. The second week follows that up with the closing passage of Job, as he repents and God blesses him. The gospel passage for that week is Mark’s account of the healing of blind Bartimaeus. I think there might be some neat interplay there.

What I really like is that these two passages from Job give us glimpses of God’s character, especially God’s love, in two very different ways. And by getting to do a 2-part “series” I can work with that in mind. It’ll also be stewardship time there, which makes for an interesting slant.

More musings to follow on this, I’m sure.


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