Day 74- Quilting the Scraps into Prayer

These snatches of time that I’ve grabbed with you have been more anxious than restful, more demanding than requesting, more selfish than selfless. All those things that I want to see change in my own child’s life.

Sure, these requests are legitimate
For my husband to get some real rest and good sleep, in spite of the stress and work that he’s been bringing home
For my son to understand just how much we love him and that you love him even more
For my schoolmates to travel safely as we come together for this round of classes
For my coworkers, my friends
The people I know in pain, grieving, sick or worried about sick ones,

But have I been too focused on this village of mine- no matter how far-flung its inhabitants may be? Have I made you a God in charge of my concerns, instead of being a follower asking for the things that concern you? Is my vision too small, too inward?

Lift my eyes, Lord. Remind me of what I have seen and heard. The stories of healings and redemption. The miracles and signs and wonders performed under your authority by your people. The Way of living that has come to us across time and cultures that are beyond my imagining.
Lift my eyes. Turn them to you.
Turn them to your world.
Mold my heart in the image of yours.


What do you think?

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