Trying to catch a jet on the fly

Of all the things I thought we might see out here, I never dreamed we’d see the Thunderbirds- the group of fighter jet pilots that do those close maneuvers for air shows.

But as we were driving from Fort Collins across the line to Cheyenne, Wyoming, we saw what looked like a couple of acrobatic planes or cropdusters diving low on the horizon. As we got closer, we realized it was actually a group of 6 fighter jets! For the last few miles into town, we speculated on what they were up to between making those “ooohh… ahhhh…. wow!” sounds usually reserved for fireworks shows.

We pulled over a couple of times to pile out of the van so we could all see the full expanse of sky. Since the FPK and I are out here without the Hubby (and hanging with out Best Ever Friends), I wanted to catch some of it on video. I pulled out my trusty phone/camera and set it to video. I managed to capture a lot of noise and some beatiful cloudscapes. Between the speed and distances covered and the way outdoor light makes using a phone screen a lousy viewfinder, it was most a fool’s errand. I did finally manage to get one quick bit of footage when they went directly overhead. They were amazing.

It struck us that there were hundreds of people going past us on the road, seemingly oblivious to these planes and their extremely talented pilots overhead. There we were, on a street corner, pointing up to the sly and talking quite loudly about how we were so lucky to be in the right place to see them yesterday. And no one else noticed.

How often are we oblivious to the incredible gifts around us? Even when people are pointing right at them….


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