Movie Review – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

OK- I confess that it’s been just long enough since I read the 6th Potter book that I had forgotten exactly which part of the saga it represented. That may actually have been a good thing, since this allowed me to see the movie with fresh eyes. And less of the fan need to see every detail slavishly reproduced onscreen.

This may actually be the best entry of the series, in terms of being a good solid piece of storytelling. Yes, there were moments that dragged and seemed not to be critical to the plot, but I think they will serve the series well moving forward. For instance, we saw Fenrir in three very short scenes, including the one at the Burrow that many suggested should be on the editing room floor. Given the future of the other characters we saw so briefly there (Tonks, Ginny, Bellatrix), those small moments will pay dividends in the coming installments.

Favorite moments…
The funeral at Hagrid’s
The light conquering darkness at Hogwarts
Fawkes circling the tower at the end
Ron’s lovesick moment on Harry’s bed (thanks to the potion, of course)
Helena Bonham Carter- her every moment onscreen is brilliant

If you are a follower of the series, Go. If you haven’t seen the previous movies, it might be helpful to watch at least the 5th movie to get a handle on the characters… there is not nearly as much backstory included in this one.


What do you think?

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