Day 52

Dear God,
I can’t believe I am half-way through these 100 days of prayer. It’s been an interesting journey so far. I can see my shortcomings so clearly… my laziness, my willingness to let stuff get in the way of a commitment I’ve made to you. Even those things that are clearly attacks, that I’ve identified and know how to battle against? I’ve let them defeat me at times.

It’s Monday. Just under 24 hours since I confessed with my brothers and sisters. And already my heart is in need of a good dusting.

And yet, there you are. Here you are. Waiting for me, speaking to me. Not leaving me or giving up on me. Such grace. Such unfathomable grace.

Send your Spirit to strengthen me in my inmost being. Let me know through faith, the joy of Christ dwelling in my heart. Teach me, so that I may show and tell others how deep, wide, high and long is the love of Christ. Let me be part of the work you are doing, which is always abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine – and always to your glory.

Much love,
Your daughter.


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