Random Thoughts

Taught adult Sunday school this morning for the first time in ages. And for the first time with people I didn’t really know. Hard to know what to make of our time together, other than it was a nice change of pace.

I absolutely must get a haircut soon. I cut it short almost 3 years ago now, and it was really too short for a while. I changed hairstylists, and she thinks I should let it grow out and not texturize it as much. We’ve gone back & forth a bit, letting it grow and cutting. Currently, it is a semi-layered bob and still what most folks would consider short (just below the bottom of my ears). It’s almost back to where it was when I cut it to begin with, and now I remember why I did. I’m not sure if Lori can/will do the sort of cut that I had before. I could have her do the color and then get a cut elsewhere… but it must be cut. Even the Boy agrees that it’s time.

I have some sermon prep to do this week- a new church to visit and preach at in Eustis. I’m looking forward to digging into some Ephesians this week to get ready.

I’ve spent a little time this weekend looking at videos on YouTube. This is really the first time I’ve gone bouncing around in there… usually I just get a link from someone, watch and close. It is really amazing-sad-telling that there are so many videos on there that are people airing stories (sometimes in video, sometimes narration) that they would normally save for those “most embarrassing moment” conversations with close friends. No privacy- no filter. Why? Have we lost all concept of boundaries? Have we lost the concept of community? Maybe I have no room to talk, after all, I’m posting prayers and stories about my life on a blog. But I also know that because it is “out there” I should be a little cautious. Think twice then hit post.


What do you think?

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