Day 35

Take it away, all of it
the laziness
the deceit
the selfishness
all that is me and not you

I’m so tired of coming to my time with you
only to find myself full of me
my wants
my desires
my fears

How long does it take
Clearly more than 42 years…
Or at least the parts of those years
when I was trying

You are beauty and grace and peace and love and truth and justice and compassion and power and mercy and kindness and faithfulness and wisdom
You are the creator, provider, healer, Savior, judge, Ruler, Comforter, Redeemer
You were
You are
You will be

I don’t want those to be just words on a page
or pixels on a screen
I want that to be my waking reality
and my guiding principles
I want to love you with my whole being
heart, soul, mind and strength
so that there is no doubt
to whom I belong,
whom I serve

so that those who don’t know you
would not be pushed farther away
by my words and deeds
but instead
let me get out of my head and out of your way
so that you may be known
in my words and deeds
inviting them into
a journey- a relationship with you.


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