Praying Offline and getting them online…

So I’ve gotten into the habit of disconnecting from the internet for most of the weekend. I might pop on briefly to check for fun messages in email or on facebook, but I’m not online for hours.

This is good. I’m connecting with the Boy, getting chores done, reading books, and doing all sorts of stuff in that whole non-virtual world.

The bad news is that I’m not getting my prayers online to mark my 100 days until I go back and recreate what I was praying on those days. I know that the most important aspect of the exercise is the time I’m spending in conversation with God, but it feels a little like I’m not following the rules that I set out for myself.

So, I’m officially amending them today. When I take an evening or weekend Sabbath, it is officially ok to get those prayers online the next day and backdate or post multiple prayers with the same date.

Whew… I feel better. Good thing I don’t have a legalistic bent. I’d be overwhelmed by fear and guilt.


What do you think?

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