Day 20

It is times like this that make it hard to understand, much less explain, how this whole omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, all-powerful God thing works. I mean, we’ve got famine, war, poverty, stupidity (which may actually rank just behind the love of money as the root of all evil), and several other manifestations of evil in the world. And you seem to allow all of it to go on.

I suspect that after I’ve studied Doctrine this fall, I’ll have more of a theologian’s perspective on this. But will my heart ever be able to reconcile the wrath and the love? I know that you chose not to reach in to rescue Christ from the cross- because his blood would cover the sins of those who had been before and those like me who continue to come after. Free will explains the evil that people inflict on one another, but what about hurricanes, floods, earthquakes?

My heart aches a little at the thought of all that suffering- yours must be burdened beyond imagining as you attend to all the details of every person’s life. Why don’t you make it stop?

Yes, I hear you. I need to change the questions…

Why don’t we make it stop? Why don’t I do my part – as much as I am able – to be a person of peace in the world? To be a light in the darkness?


What do you think?

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