Day 19

There are times I wonder if you get annoyed with me falling asleep mid-conversation. I mean, there is just something about laying my cares and celebrations at your feet that is so much more relaxing than counting sheep. Or even counting blessings,

I know that you want my full attention when I pray. Certainly you deserve nothing less. But with the noise and the distractions and the people that surround me from start to finish of my days, it seems the only time I can do that is when all the lights are out and everyone else is snoring.

In a way, I feel more secure when I am speaking to you and can feel the arms of the man who loves me holding me close. Your provision of that love – flawed though it is- and those strong arms is a physical reminder of your promises to hold me tight through good times and bad. And it reminds me that I must seek rest, just as I must come to bed.

Thank you for listening to my nightly scattered ruminations. For answering the cries, wiping the tears, echoing the celebration, affirming the hope, strengthening my faith, and putting up with the snores. Your steadfast love endures forever.


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